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Fixing other companies shoddy work in this area for 17+ years!

Feel free to contact us if your car is suffering from another companies poor remap quality

Hello and welcome to CMR, a company specialised in vehicle remapping born in the heart of South West... Somerset! Primarily based in Yeovil and surrounding areas (but can cover places such as Dorset, Taunton, Bristol, Exeter etc)

If you've had a car remapped before then you'll be amazed at just how many places are now offering this type of service, well we've been around since the days of 'chip-tuning', for those that know a much more complicated process than today’s methods, and it's because of these ‘new-age’ simpler methods that unexperienced / unqualified people think they can simply jump on the band wagon and start offering remaps to the general public. What we tend to see is that these new companies buy cheap Chinese clone tools (copied tools made in china using inferior components compromising reliability and safety, they cost £50 and genuine tools cost £5000!) and they blindly flash poor quality tuning maps onto your car's ECU not knowing about any of the adjustments made, don’t get us wrong we get extra business putting these poor remaps right but it's always heart breaking to see someone’s pride and joy get damaged by someone out looking to make a 'quick buck'.

With CMR you'll have a Motorsport Engineering Degree qualified technician at your finger tips, you can ensure your car is in safe hands and will be treated with up most care and attention to detail. We have been remapping cars since 2007 and are now offering our services to the public as a part time small business. We take pride in our work and will only do the best job possible! So if you want to save fuel and gain power then get in contact today :)


Please take a look our other services offered as we also run a well known repair / MOT car garage near by!

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CMR provide engine remap, ecu remap services to the Yeovil area. We can remap your vehicle to give more power, more torque and better MPG. ECU Remapping and ECU Chipping in Yeovil. We offer a fully mobile ECU Remapping service in Yeovil and the surrounding areas. We are Somerset ECU Remapping and Engine Tuning With over a decade of experience in the car tuning and engine tuning

Bruton, Chard, Crewkerne, Dulverton, Ilminster, Langport, Minehead, Portishead, North Weston, Somerton, South Petherton, Taunton, Watchet, Wellington, Wincanton, Yeovil

If You have been a victim of a Sub-Standard remap in the Yeovil area we can help! We normally repair or put right around 3 vehicles a month in Yeovil that have received Sub-standard remaps, which in turn effects the vehicles Performance. We can put it right for you before its to late! Use the Best not the cheapest! We also keep a copy of your original map that was taken from your vehicle for modification. So if you are not happy with our service or performance of your new ECU remap, we can re-install the original map, giving you total peace of mind.

After every Radical Remap Yeovil we like to accompany you as you test drive your car. We believe the best way to show you our confidence in our work is to be with you when see the results for yourself. It's this part that makes our job worthwhile, and we truly enjoy knowing you are 100% happy with the changes before any payment is taken! Please feel free to 'Contact Us' if you have any questions or enquiries.

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Vehicle Remap Compatability List:



Most Remaps can be done via the OBD port on your vehicle so therefore a mobile service can be offered! Therefore just give us a quick email and we can sort out the best time for you to get remapped!


For vehicle remaps that require ECU removal + special bench editing then speak to us to organise a suitable location and if you're a long distance customer, a postal service is also available!

All locations are near / around Yeovil in Somerset
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About Us


We have been tuning vehicles since 2007 and due to a popular demand have decided to start offering our services to the public. Both myself and my partners have all had extensive training in many Automotive fields ranging from agriculture to motorsport / racing, from motorcycles to hotrods we've pretty much seen it all if not done it ourselves. remap yeovil remapping

Aisde from that we have been in the Motor Trade for 60+ years combined and have built a substancial well known MOT / Service Centre / Garage Repair business in that time.


We will only take on the work that we are 100% confident with. We pride ourselves in perfection, if the job cannot be done to our satistfaction then it wont be done at all.

Our Services


  • ​ECU Remapping / Tuning

  • Engine Management Diagnostics

  • ECU Fault Code Removal

  • Remap File Service / Supply

  • Fleet Vehicle Remapping

  • Engine Servicing i.e. Oil Changes

  • Brake Disc / Pad Replacements

  • Aftermarket Parts Fitting

  • 'Tune ups' and MOT's

  • MOT Repairs

  • DPF / Diesel Particulate Filter + Catalytic Converter Removal

  • EGR / Exhaust Gas Recirculation Removal

  • Clutch / Cambelt Replacements

  • And Many More!

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