So why choose us?

Well for a start customer reviews speak for themselves (click me)

but let’s cut straight to the chase and keep the points below simple and blunt:


  • For a start we are degree qualified professionals, we aren’t hobbyists which ‘have had a go on their car’ and now think they know everything, between us we have got over 40 years experience in the Automotive industry, this includes; car racing, tuning, general repair, agricultural and more

  • When I started remapping ECU’s in Yeovil and the surrounding areas 40% of my initial work was putting other local companies / individuals remaps right!  Have a look on this page if you have an issue with someone elses remap

  • Our maps are totally CUSTOM, they are not ‘generic’, ‘premade’ or ‘downloaded’ files. But what does this mean and what are the advantages? Well simply custom files are far superior in terms of quality, reliability and performance. So be very wary of companies offering ‘known X amount of bhp increase maps’ or comments such as ‘I’ve used this file with good results on another car / previous vehicle’. That is why it may take us a little longer to complete the job but we go for quality not quantity.

  • Our customer satisfaction is second to none, just look at the facebook reviews left by our previous customers! (see link below). We pride ourselves on doing a great job and therefore if we feel that a great job cannot be achieved we simply don’t take the job on, we believe in ‘do it once, do it right’!

  • Our maps are edited / tuned correctly, its one thing providing a ‘custom’ remap but if that custom map is not tuned properly then whats the point? We have spent years developing trust and relationships with various tuners who specialise in specific areas, which is why we can offer quality end products to such a vast majority of vehcies / applications

  • We use genuine top quality 'master' tools, which might not sound much but visualise trying to undo a bolt with the wrong sized spanner, what’s going to happen? You’re either going to damage the bolt or not be able to undo it. Now imagine using a poor quality tool when doing a remap, the same end result unfortunately... and trust me i've seen the damage caused to an engine by a poor remap

  • We cover all aspects of remapping, EGR removal, DPF removal, Fault code / DTC removal, Mileage adjustment, Diagnostics etc and we don't charge extra for your map choice, if you want performance, economy or hybrid thats fine they're all the same price.

  • We have a broad range of experience with various tools of the trade such as: Alientech Kess V2, Dimsport Genius, Alientech K-TAG,  FGTech Galletto, MPPS, as well as experience with the tuner softwares like: WinOLS, Swiftec and ECM Titanium, we have a solution for all types of issues you may have



If you have any questions or want to know more about us then please send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP, even if its only for advice we will still get get back to you unlike most companies which are only interested in making money, we love to help where ever we can.


View customer reviews left on facebook by clicking below link:


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