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What is a remap in very simple terms?
Ok…We all remember windows XP on our computer systems right? Well imagine upgrading your PC / Laptop from windows XP to windows 7. With the newer software it now runs more smoothly and efficiently, well this is exactly how your engine will behave after a remap and the process is very similiar.


One of the main differences between our serviice and others is that we only modify the existing software in your ECU, this ensures the best and safest results as opposed to some companies downloading and using a generic 'pre-prepared' remap software which can cause many issues.

How much more power or BHP / Torque will I get from an ECU remap?
Well we have to remember that no two vehicles are the same however there are ‘rule of thumb’ increases which we can let you know if you send us your  vehciles reg. These figures will be based on customer reviews, feedback and remaps that have been performed on previous vehicles.


How much fuel will I save?
This is even more difficult to specify as not only are all cars different, so are all drivers! If you’re a really efficient driver (low RPM gear changes, only drive your car on the motorway with an empty boot / no passengers etc) then you’ll get a much better improvement than someone who drives their car round town, changes gear at higher RPMs and has breeze blocks in the boot :)


I have an EGR / DPF / Adblue / DTC problem, can you help?

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve (EGR), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF - also known as FAP on some vehicles), Adblue (known as SCR) can be seen as the achilles heel on some models, they cause many issues and cost £1000s to fix. Please contact us with your details and we'll hopefully be able to reccommend a much cheaper solution for you! Please ensure you are aware of your local laws and regulations.


Will the ECU remapping damage my vehicle?

In a word, NO. I’m sure you can find some horror stories on the internet (as with everything) but 99% of the time the damaged is caused by people who have used a ‘generic’ map as opposed to a PROFESSIONAL CUSTOM one that we offer. They probably also used cheap chinese ‘clone’ tools which are unstable and cause A LOT of issues. We use GENUINE tools made by alientech, they cost in excess of £8500 to buy but ensures your vehicles safety.

Do I need to inform my insurance company about the ECU remap?

This is essentially up to you, however we wouldn’t advise you ‘not’ to tell them. There is little difference in having your ECUs firmware upgraded at a dealership than having a remap, in terms of the process involved. The remapping process is virtually undetectable by any diagnostic equipment, so general servicing etc wont flag them up. It’s also nice to know that 90% of insurance companies actually promote remaps and will not add any premium.

Can you cater for existing modifications / my specific requirements?
Yes we can, we cater for exhaust systems, induction kits, FMIC (front mount intercoolers) etc all the time. The modifications that need more attention are changed turbo's and injectors, especially injectors. These 'stage 2' remaps require more time and fettling and sometimes require the vehicle to be with us.

How long will it take to do the ECU remapping?
This varies from vehicle to vehicle as some ECUs will read / write quicker than others. Depending on your requirements the map may also take longer to compile than others. However the process 99% of the time takes approximately 1-2.5 hours from start to finish.

My vehicle has an automatic gearbox, is this an issue?
Nope! This doesn’t affect its ability to be remapped.

Does it make any difference if my vehicle has higher than average mileage?
It doesn’t affect the remapping process or the vehicles ability to be remapped, however we have to be realistic in that the improvements may not be as good as those experienced on a newer car. We will also have to take consideration on what level of adjustments to make.

Is an ECU remap a reversible process?
Yes indeed it is. If for any reason you ever decided you wanted to return back to standard (for example you are returning a lease car after 3 years) we can easily provide this reversal service for you. There will only be a small charge of £60 for this procedure to cover our time.


Do you offer satisfaction guarantee?

We do, after the remap process we will offer the owner to go for a quick spin in their newly improved vehicle, usually within seconds they are smiling away telling us about the differences the remap has made. If for some reason you are not satisfied, there and then by the remap, we can return your car back to how it was! Due to some customers abusing this and simply 'trying out a remap' then claiming they 'dont like it' there is now a charge of £60.


I have seen other companies offering a 30 day warranty, do you offer this?

I always laugh when i see these offers, the map is the map and is the map......what im trying to say is it doesnt change with time, its a fixed constant. The remap (ECU map data) on day one will be the same as it was on day 10, day 100, day 1000 etc etc, so yes of course if it makes you feel better the software side of things comes with a lifetime guarentee! (this does make me chuckle)


There would only be a reason to offer these 30days if the job was done poorly! The companies offering this would obviously want you, the customer, to return to them rather than taking the vehicle elsewhere to be diagnosed if an issue was present within the map itself, that way they can hide their corner cutting shoddy worksmanship! We always go for a test drive before and after to ensure all is ok and to ensure our degree qualified technicians are happy with the results as well as you are :)

With regards to warranting parts (again this makes me chuckle) can we, or anyone, warrant all the used mechanical parts on your vehicle? Absolutely not. Its not our responsibility to check all parts of a vehicle before remapping (aside from the fact we'd have to remove and take apart most of the items of interest anyway) its not feasible. So if your wheel falls off after remapping.....sorry but thats one of thise things, usually down to poor maintenance.


I’ve read your service is mobile?

Yes, the remapping process can essentially be done anywhere (at your house, on your driveway, at your workplace etc) the only things we will require is a plug socket relatively near the car (if the phone signal is weak then we may require to momentarily borrow a wifi connection). We tend to Remap in Yeovil and the surrounding areas and only charge a fuel fee for travelling greater distances.

NOTE: ECU removal / Bench remaps are discretionary whether to be mobile or not, each vehicles case will be judged independantly

Are there any hidden charges or costs for a remap?
No, as long as the details you have provided about your vehicle and the requirements are accurate the price we quote is the price you pay.


There are sometimes unexpected hold backs such as your car has been previously remapped but you never knew, or sometimes OBD reading has been blocked and the ECU needs to be removed to be remapped, if this occurs we will advise what the best solutions are on the day / at the time of remapping.

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