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So...what is a remap?

Basically a 'remap' is where your vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit), lets think of it as the vehicles 'brain', is reprogrammed to optimise the controlling of your engines numerous parameters, such as (but not limited to): Fuel injection, Engine Timing, Turbo Pressure, Torque delivery, EGR functionality etc

Thus when edited can result in a more efficient engine output!


A remap not only improves the way your vehicle runs and feels but can reduce running costs too. it can also be utilised to help eliminate any EGR / DPF / FAP / Adblue / SCR  / DTC / Catalytic Converter / O2 sensor / Hot Start / Cold Start problems it may have too!

So With a CMR remap you can now decide to optimise your vehicle in a way that’s best suited for you



ECU Remapping Benefits of Turbocharged Diesel Engines


These types of engines are known for achieving the best results from a remap and are looked upon as the ‘future’ for most road production vehicles. They gain very good results in both increased power / torque and fuel economy whilst retaining their typical diesel reliability / longevity.


ECU Remapping Benefits of Turbocharged Petrol Engines


Turbocharged petrol engines are typically used in manufacturer’s flagship vehicle models as they boast high power figures for a pure adrenaline filled driving experience. These engines still take very well to remaps offering good power / torque increases over standard however the fuel economy gains are less than that of its diesel equivalent


ECU Remapping Benefits of Non-Turbocharged Petrol / Diesel Engines


Whilst a non-turbo engine is arguably harder to tune than one with a turbo (in terms of demonstrating the results) they do still offer some good beneficial gains just like those obtained on a turbo engine, they are in most cases however just a little less. After a remap you can see some further additional benefits from using the premium higher octane fuels available at most fuel stations.


So how much more Power / Torque will I get from an ECU remap?

Well we have to remember that no two vehicles are the same however if you let us know your vehicles reg number we can give you rule of thumb increases, and these figures are based on customer reviews, feedback and remaps that have been performed on previous vehicles.


How much fuel will I save?

This is even more difficult to specify as not only are all cars different, so are all drivers! If you’re a really efficient driver (low RPM gear changes, only drive your car on the motorway with an empty boot / no passengers etc) then you’ll get a much better improvement than someone who drives their car round town, changes gear at higher RPMs and has breeze blocks in the boot :)

For those that have enquired this is a professional ECU tune and NOT just a reflash with a cheap generic MAP downloaded off the net. It is NOT just a premade file downloaded to your ECU, and it is NOT a DIY job made in poor software such as ecm titanium / tunerpro / stagex / swiftec.

The map is read from YOUR ECU and then edited by one of the best tuners in the country, your map will be professionally edited using WinOLS

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