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So the inevitable has happened and your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) or even FAP filter as it’s known as on French vehicles, has blocked up and causing your vehicle to have issues. This can be a right nightmare to fix due to the other areas of your vehicle which can be harmed by driving round with a blocked filter (not to mention dangerous too), and repair costs can get into the £1,000’s!


Even if your filter hasn’t blocked they only have a limited amount of life and will need to be replaced approx every 50-80,000 miles.

Whatever problem you may have ping us the fault code, if you know it, and we can advise from there.

Common issues caused by faulty DPF / FAP's are:


  • Poor fuel consumption

  • Loss of power

  • Sluggishness / poor throttle response

  • Hesitation when pulling away

  • Warning light on dash (DPF / Coil / Engine)

  • Vehicle entering ‘limp’ mode

  • Engine difficult to start

  • DPF constantly trying to regenerate

Benefits of removing the DPF / FAP:


  • Increased fuel economy / MPG

  • Improved engine performance

  • No expensive repair costs

  • Future proofing the reliability of your vehicle

  • Remap your car at the same time

Common Associated Fault Codes:


  • P242F P242A 009263 - Diesel Particulate Filter (Bank 1): Restricted / Clogged

  • 18434  P2002  008194 - Particle Filter Bank 1: Malfunction

  • 16855  P0471  001137 - Exhaust Pressure Sensor 1 (G450): Implausible Signal

  • P0401 to P0409 - EGR Valve Flow / Circuit Related


EGR Removal


The EGR valve (exhaust gas recirculation) is another prone common failure on cars that can end up costing lots to repair. They get blocked up because the exhaust gases contain carbon deposits and cause the valve to stick. Again we are able to remove the EGR and edit the ECU software to accommodate. Depending on the vehicle there are several ways this can be achieved.


We can remove DTC / Fault codes from the ECU's map as well as tune your vehicle accordingly, also by remapping your car at the same time you can also benefit from all the improvements that a remap has to offer as well!

Benefits of removing the EGR Valve


  • Lowered engine temperatures

  • Improved throttle response

  • Improved fuel economy

  • Reduces oil contamination

  • Reduces carbon deposits in the engine

  • Increases service life

NOTE: Modifying the EGR / DPF / emissions systems is for off-road use only. It is the owner’s responsibility to use their vehicle appropriately.

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