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4x4 van tractor car caravan remap

So are all remaps the same?

Absolutely not, if all companies offering them were selling the same thing then there would be no differentiator. Unfortunately it seems popular in this current climate to message 5 companies and simply go with the cheapest one making the assumption they'll all do the same thing....well you know what they say about assumptions right? Any company offering quality remaps will edit the data themselves, they wont be a man in van with loads of tools they dont know how to use which they've bought because they were told they'd need them, may sound a little harsh but its true.


The people driving round in vans are usually whats called "slave tuners" this means the tools they use only allow them to read and write an ECU, thats it....they have no idea how to edit data, they dont have the tools to edit data and they are "slaved" to an unknown entity that supply them with the data. So as great as they may make their work sound, they actually have no idea of the quality or content of the data they flash onto your ECU.

Before having any company remap your car ask whether they write the data themselves? are they qualified? and call their bluff on it!

So what is a differentiator?

Well, any remapping company worth their weight in gold will know how to edit data, have the tools to do so, and be qualified in the subject matter!

Do you choose toilet paper by quality or price? Some choose high end largely because of the placebo effect they can justfiy spending the money because its 'high end'. Some people find the cheapest they can, and again thats fine because they likely dont mind being in the sh*t when it breaks!

All joking aside when your pride and joy, work vehicle or weekend toy is being remapped surely its better to know that its being taken care of?

You are paying for the knowledge and skillset of the technician carrying out thr work, not the interest rate of the fancy van and tools they arrive with

So what is the cost?

We personally taylor the price of each vehicle based on different criteria. For example: What ECU does it have? What is the method for remapping that ECU?How complex is the data inside that ECU? What requirements has the customer asked for? Location? Is it a Petrol or Diesel engine? etc etc


There is no way anyone who understands this industry / knows what they are doing in this market can charge a flat rate for remapping.

With us the cost for an OBD remap can start from as little as £120, yes £120!


The more complex jobs where the ECU has to be removed from the car to be remapped start from just £165.

But that’s like £100+ less than some deals you've seen? Correct yes it is, so why am I potentially cheaper?


Because I am a Motorsport Engineering degree qualified ex BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) mechanic that loves working with cars and putting a smile on customer’s faces! For me the reward of remapping a car is the gains / benefits that are seen by the customer and the friendships created from doing them, the monetary gains at the end of a day to me are negligible. Money doesnt buy happiness.



Have you got an issue with someone else’s remap?

When I started remapping ECU’s in Yeovil and the surrounding areas over 40% of my initial work was putting other local companies / individuals remaps right, and TBH this is still the case now! These issues can be caused by numerous reasons but most are because people cut corners, for example:


- Poor tuning (9/10 because of unqualified technicians / slave tuners using cheap suppliers etc)

- Poor application (the writing process to the ECU is delicate and requires precision + correct tooling)

- Use of clone tools (chinese clone tools are way too common nowadays along with cracked software)

- Poor judgement (each car is different and will therefore benefit from having different data changes made)


As mentioned previously we pride ourselves in our work and therefore only do a job if we believe the final product will be spot on, there have even been several occasions where we have fixed a customers issue before theyve brought the vehicle to us just by listening to their issues and giving advice.



So if you’re experiencing any issues then please let us know and we can help you get them rectified ASAP before any long term damage is done to your pride and joy. Some common issues experienced are:

  • Kangarooing at low speed

  • Jumping at certain engine RPM’s

  • No fuel economy increase

  • Minimal power increases

  • Flat spots

  • Engine Vibrations

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