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4x4 van tractor car caravan remap

So...why get a remap?

There are many benefits from getting a remap on your Car / Van / 4x4 / Motorhome / Motorbike and they can all be tailored to your personal needs, from saving money on fuel to putting a massive smile on your face! A remap can give a huge range of improvements such as:













It all sounds too good to be true right? Well honestly it gives me great pleasure in assuring you on this rare occasion it actually isn’t! Have a look on our Facebook page to see reviews left by happy customers

Helping decide what type of remap is best for you we have put the public’s main interests for remapping into basic form against the 3 types of map we offer:

 - Do you want better economy and lower fuel bills? Then choose our Economy Remap

 - Do you want that bit more power and still want to save on fuel? Then the Hybrid Remap is right for you

 - Do you want lots more POWER but are happy with your current fuel costs? Then go for our Performance Remap

NOTE: I've had feedback that some companies are stating they can offer 'economy' remaps on naturally aspirated petrol cars, this (in my opinion) is not factual and thus the methods used are likely to be dangerous. I advise to ask them exactly what ECU parameters they will be adjusting, and why, before any work is carried out. Economy tuning on petrol's is not something that can specifically be targeted so i do not offer it for this exact reason.

We can also help with DPF / EGR / FAP / diagnostic issues that you may have with your car. A remap can be tailored for a specific split ie 25/75% biased towards power for example, by default the hybrid map is split 50/50 to give a nice blend of increased power / torque and improved fuel consumption.


Below is a random example of the potential benefits that a modern turbo diesel engine may see with the different maps we offer. Please see our what is a remap page for more information on the benefits found on other engine types such as petrol's etc

  • Reduced fuel consumption

  • Increases the engines power

  • Improves the engine torque

  • Remove EGR issues

  • Remove DPF / FAP / NOX issues

  • Remove Adblue / SCR issues

  • Sharpens the throttle response

  • Widens the power-band

  • Improves towing capability

  • Makes your car safer when overtaking

custom mobile remap yeovil somerset ECU remapping

Economy Map  = small power increase & significant economy increase

up to 15% bhp / torque & up to 10mpg better economy

Hybrid Map = good power increase & good economy increase

up to 25% bhp / torque & up to 6mpg better economy

Power Map - significant power increase & small economy increase

up to 35% bhp / torque & up to 3mpg better economy

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